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To do your work,  you can either visit Eric?s house or find more informations about Houses in England.

Remember to use  a dictionary on line!

Choose activity 1 or 2 :

Pour les 2 activités, attention à chercher, noter et traduire les mots que vous avez dû chercher

Activity 1: Visit Eric?s house

1) find out these informations

- place of residence  (= Where does Eric live?)

- type of house

- number of rooms

- which rooms?

2) How can you get into the house?

3) Can you imagine another entrance?

Activity 2): Houses in England

Where do most people live?

What?s the difference between to OWN and to RENT (use the online dictionary: translate or explain)
Who do people rent their house from?
What are the majority of English homes made of?
 « Apartment » is most commonly an American word. What is the British synonym?
Which is the most popular type of home?
Compare the prices of different homes.
Which is the cheapest?
Which is the most expensive?
Can you compare the price of terraced house and the price  of a semi- detached house?

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